Jan 17-19, 2014.



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On MLK weekend 2014, MHacks III is going to redefine what a hackathon can be. MHacks isn't just for hardcore programmers. It's not just about competing. It isn't about energy-drink-enabled sleep deprivation. It isn't about starting a viable business. MHacks is for creators. It's for those of you who see problems and want to tackle them, using existing skills, and augmenting them with the skills of those around you. MHacks III will be the best place to do that, and we can't wait to see what you make of it.


When is MHacks?

MHacks is taking place January 17-19, starting at approximately 7pm on Friday, and ending at around 4pm on Sunday. The actual hacking period is 36 hours, from midnight Friday to 12pm Sunday.

What should I bring with me?

Enthusiasm. And a laptop. And a blanket (or sleeping bag). And whatever else you need to hack, e.g. a better keyboard, essential hardware, etc.

Does it cost anything?

Attendance to MHacks is completely free. However, transportation costs will vary. If you are taking a bus heading for MHacks, it shouldn't cost you anything. If you have financial need and are flying or driving, you should email us if you need $200 in reimbursement. We'll confirm individually through email if you qualify for the reimbursement.

What if I don't have an idea?

Use the MHacks III event page on Facebook to your advantage. Don't be afraid to advertise what you can offer to others and what you'd want from them. There is almost always a good fit for you, just make the effort to find it.

How large can teams be?

Teams can be anywhere from one to four people. If you don't yet have a team and want to be part of one, use the Facebook event page of MHacks III to find those who need your skills (or have the skills you want).

Who can participate?

Undergraduate and high-school students from anywhere are welcome at MHacks III. If you don't belong to either category and really want to come, contact us at

Interested in organizing a bus or sponsoring MHacks? Contact us, download our press release, or check out last semester's photos.

We would love to attribute all credit for the soundtrack in this video to Eminem and credit Hello Aerial for their phenomenal aerial footage.

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