What is MHacks?

A hackathon is the single greatest thing to happen to education since the Internet. Hacking isn't breaking into anything-- Its breaking your ideas out of the confines of your mind and building them in front of your own eyes and sharing that product with the world.

Students from across the world come to MHacks to build amazing things, transform dreams into realities, and to meet with other people with the same level of passion to build their future. MHacks is for creators. Students spend 36 hours building anything they can imagine, and take breaks to interact with technology visionaries, founders, and find new mentors. They meet with the hottest, most sought-after companies in the world who vie for hackers' attention. For MHacks, students give up a weekend of partying to invest a weekend in their personal growth by learning something new, and creating solutions to problems they see in the world. MHacks isn't just a hackathon -- its a community of people who have ideas and build them. Apply now and join us.

What can I hack on?

First off, bring your laptop and smartphone. Additionally, we'll be providing lots of awesome hardware to hack on courtesy of our sponsors. Stay tuned to this page and MHacks social media for updates on specifics.

How will I get there?

After your registration is confirmed and you receive word that you're coming to MHacks, we'll share information about buses and travel reimbursements. More than likely, we'll be sending a bus to a school near you.

What should I bring?

Bring your laptop, smartphone, Student ID, sleeping bag if you have one, a change of clothes, toiletries, and a well-rested open mind. We'll do our best to get you anything else you need, so leave it to us to blow your mind.

What if...

...I don't have an idea?

No problem! Many hackers arrive at a hackathon with little to no idea of what they'll be building over the next 36 hours. Check out our API expo to see what's available to you as a result of our sponsors and talk to your team. Aim for a prize, or don't. Totally up to you.

...I don't have a team?

A few weeks before MHacks, we'll connect ticketed hackers with a database of other available hackers looking for a team. If this is your first hackathon, there will definitely be others who don't have prior experience that are looking for team members, so don't worry.

...I'm broke?

As a result of our committed sponsors, MHacks is free for undergraduates and high school students from across the world. If you don't fall into this category, contact us for how you can get involved.

...I live far away?

We're willing to reimburse up to $300, depending on location, availability of transportation, and experience. We recommend you complete the application first, and after hearing back from us, consider travel logistics.

...I don't want to hack?

You'll be allowed to come and see the expo on Sunday as everyone finishes up their hacks. We'll be sharing more information about the public expo soon. Please do not fill out the MHacks registration application.

...just let me register!

You're in the right place! Just fill out our application at the bottom of this page. We want to know more about you and the projects you've worked on in the past, so feel free to include anything extra you think we should know.









We've closed our first round of applications, but you can still apply in case spots open up.

Use your .edu email address, if possible.
As of now, what's your intended major?
A link to your profile or your handle are both acceptable.
A link to your profile is preferred.