Major League Hacking 2022 Hackathon Season

February 17–19. Anywhere you are.

Registrations are now open!

Welcome to MHacks

MHacks is a 36-hour hackathon run by University of Michigan students. At MHacks, we want to help you turn your ideas into reality. You're welcome to come with or without a team. We'll provide you with all the resources and mentors you need to help you work on something cool or learn new skills. You'll have the freedom to create a product, learn new techniques for your future work, or just have fun working on a project with friends. Moreover, we will offer you a chance to network with other creators and professionals. For newcomers and veterans alike, MHacks is a weekend experience you won’t want to miss.

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Frequently Asked Questions


What happens at a hackathon?

Participants (“hackers”) spend 36 hours working in teams of 1 - 4 people to build or code or design projects (“hacks”) that they’re excited about. There are workshops, mentors, food, swag, and buckets of coffee to guide you along the way. You bring your ideas, and we give you everything you need to make them come to life.

What do people normally make?

Hacks generally fall under one (or more) of the seven cortices: Web Development, Android, iOS, AI/ML, AR/VR, Game Development, and Hardware. Check out the hacks from MHacks 11 on Devpost.

Do I have to know how to code to attend?

Nope! We’ll have lots of resources including workshops and a sweet mentorship system to help beginners get started. We will also dedicate one room to new hackers and have several project ideas to help you get started.

Who runs MHacks?

MHacks is run by a group of dedicated and passionate young people, most of whom are students at the University of Michigan.


What if I don’t have a team or idea?

Not to worry, most people don’t! We have some great activities planned before and during the event to help you meet teammates and start thinking through your ideas.


I don’t want to hack, I want to ________!

If you’re contemplating judging, volunteering, or mentoring, shoot us an email at If your company is interested in becoming a sponsor, check out the sponsorship section below.

I didn’t find my question here...

If you’ve got something else on your mind, fire it off to!


How do I register?

All you need to do is fill out the registration form filled out above, and you'll be all set! We'll be sending out acceptances on a rolling basis, so watch your inbox after applying.

When are registrations closing?

Registrations will be open until the day before the event. Be sure to get your application in before then!

How and when will I hear back?

Applications are reviewed on a rolling basis, so watch your inbox a few days after applying.

Who can register?

If you’re enrolled in a high school, college, or university, or if you left school during the current school year, you’re good to go! (Minors are welcome to register, but will need to fill out a couple extra forms in order to attend.)

Can we register as a team?

Register individually for now and you'll be able to group up once the event starts. Please note that groups are limited to 4 people at most.

What if I’m a Michigan student?

Michigan students will need to register and be accepted to be able to attend MHacks.


MHacks is the gateway between you and the top tech talent in the world. Whether you come to network, promote brand awareness, or get feedback on a product or API, we’ll provide the tools you need to make the most out of your experience.

Interested in sponsoring? Want more information? Shoot us an email at

“This was one of the most well organized student-run hackathons that we’ve ever sponsored.”
“The caliber and number of students that MHacks attracts is like no other hacking event.”