October 7-9

Detroit Masonic Temple


What is MHacks?

MHacks is a 36-hour hackathon hosted by University of Michigan students.

2,000 hackers will gather from around the world, and we’ll provide you with everything you need to be as curious, productive, and passionate as you can be. Whether it’s your first time hacking or your eighth, MHacks is a weekend experience you won’t want to miss.

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What's new with MHacks 8?

This year, we’re returning to Detroit for the first time since MHacks III. The Masonic Temple in Detroit is the largest in the world and is located in the heart of the Motor City. Built in 1922, this historic building is the perfect setting for a weekend in a city thriving with renewed entrepreneurial spirit. We hope you use this energy and atmosphere to drive your hacks.

A change of venue gives us a chance to increase our attendance to 2,000 hackers, which allows us to grow the MHacks community. In doing so, we’re able to provide the support our hackers need to discover hacking and develop their skills alongside teammates, mentors, competitors, and friends.

This Fall, we’re also going to focus on wellness. Sometimes, hackathons have been notorious for unhealthy food, sleep deprivation, and uncomfortable hacking spaces. And we don’t think it should take two weeks to recover from one. We will have healthier food options, sleeping spaces, and more health life hacks to keep you feeling your best during the weekend, and after.

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Frequently Asked Questions


What happens at a hackathon?
Participants (“hackers”) spend 36 hours working in teams of 1 - 4 people to build or code projects (“hacks”) they’re excited about. There are workshops, mentors, food, swag, and buckets of coffee to guide you along the way. You bring your ideas, and we give you everything you need to make them come to life.
What do people normally make?
Common areas of focus include iOS or Android apps, web apps, and hardware hacks. Check out the hacks from MHacks Refactor on [ Devpost ].
Do I have to know how to code to attend?
Nope! We’ll have lots of resources—including workshops and a sweet, new mentorship system—to help beginners get started.
Who runs MHacks?
MHacks is run by a group of dedicated and passionate young people, most of whom are students at the University of Michigan.


When are applications closing?
Applications are rolling until a week or so before the event. Space fills up quick, so apply early!
How and when will I hear back?
We’ll be releasing decisions weekly starting in August. If you’ve submitted your application by a Friday, you’ll be getting an email back by the next Friday!
Who can apply?
If you’re enrolled in a high school, college, or university, or if you left school during the current school year, you’re good to go! (Minors are welcome to apply, but will need to fill out a couple extra forms in order to attend.)
Can we apply as a team?
You and your intended teammates should all apply individually. But if you get an invitation and some of your teammates don’t, shoot us an email at hackathon@umich.edu and we’ll try to sort things out.
Do I have to register?
Anyone attending MHacks 8 must register! You’ll receive a link to register when you receive your invitation.
What if I’m a Michigan student?
All Michigan students are welcome to attend MHacks, but we still need you to apply & register beforehand. When you apply with your umich.edu email address, you’ll receive an invitation within the next week or so.
What are you looking for in an application?
Above anything else—passion. Tell us what you care about, what excites you. We want to know what’ll drive you to start and continue hacking. If there’s something about MHacks in particular that you’re excited about, we’d love to hear about that too!
Are you allowing walk-ins?
You’ll be able to register day-of only if there’s space. To ensure that you’ll be allowed in before arriving at the venue, please apply and register ahead of time.


What if I don’t have a team or idea?
Not to worry, most people don’t! We have some great activities planned before and during the event to help you meet teammates and start thinking through your ideas.
What kind of hardware will there be?
There’ll be tons of cool hardware for you to hack on! We’ll put out a list closer to the event so you can see what’s available. You can also feel free to bring your own from home or email us with any suggestions!


How will I get there from UM?
We’ll have buses to bring you to Masonic! More information on the bus schedule will be released closer to the event. The Detroit Connector also runs between campus and Detroit in case you need to get back to Ann Arbor for some reason.
How will I get there from other schools?
After you’ve applied and received word that you're coming to MHacks, we'll share information about buses and travel reimbursements. More than likely, we'll be sending a bus to a school near you. If you’re flying in, we’ll have shuttles from DTW as well. All bus schedules will be released closer to the event.
What if I'm an International Student?
If you go to school in Canada, we may be sending a bus to your university or one near you. If you are traveling from another country, the first step is to make sure you have a valid travel Visa. Please refer to this website to make sure you meet the requirements and get started on the process if you haven’t already. If you need anything from the organizers, such as a letter of invitation, please contact us as soon as possible at hackathon@umich.edu.
Will you be offering travel reimbursements?
We can’t guarantee reimbursements for everyone, but we don’t want money to keep you from experiencing MHacks. You’ll get a reimbursement amount along with your invitation. Let us know if you still need help making your way to Detroit and we’ll see what we can do.
Will there be parking available?
We’ll have a limited number of free parking spaces available at Masonic. If you’re planning on driving, make sure to indicate that on the registration form!
What should I bring?
You should bring anything you’d need for a sleepover: laptop, charger, deodorant (!), change of clothes, sleeping bag. You won’t need food or drinks; we’ve got you covered there.
What shouldn't I bring?
Weapons of any kind, drugs, or alcohol. If you’re not sure whether something will be okay, please ask ahead of time!
Can I sleep?
Yep! We’ll have a sleeping area but no cots, so bring a sleeping bag and a pillow if you’ll need them.
Can I shower?
Yes, there will be opportunities to shower at MHacks 8!.


I don’t want to hack, I want to ________!
If you’re contemplating judging, volunteering, or mentoring, shoot us an email at hackathon@umich.edu. If your company is interested in becoming a sponsor, check out the sponsorship section below.
I didn't find my question here...
If you’ve got something else on your mind, fire it off to hackathon@umich.edu!


MHacks is the gateway between you and the top tech talent in the world. Whether you come to network, promote brand awareness, or get feedback on a product or API, we’ll provide the tools you need to make the most out of your experience.

Interested in sponsoring? Want more information? Shoot us an email at sponsor-mhacks@umich.edu

We have an awesome lineup of sponsors for you below.
Check back soon for even more company logos!


This was one of the most well organized student-run hackathons that we’ve ever sponsored.


The caliber and number of students that MHacks attracts is like no other hacking event.


MHacks has been a staple event in Concur’s University Tour over the past two years. The MHacks atmosphere fosters creativity and innovation from developers and entrepreneurs alike. When it comes to collegiate hackathons, MHacks is the place to be!



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